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Founded in 1993, we specialize in staffing, career development, and workforce utilization support

Pathfinder Alliances offers customized, integrated, high-quality, research-based executive search and leadership consulting services for our client companies.

Individual assessment and coaching programs are focused on helping the individual, whether executive, manager, employee or entrepreneur, move towards the realization of their life's vision, dreams and goals


We have observed the very apparent changes in the way organizations and individuals in today's workforce view each other.

There is often a more short term perspective from both parties. The organization has immediate needs to be met. Many job seekers don't envision job opportunities as long-term in nature. This creates a hiring dynamic in some cases that is closer to short-term, contractual, and almost consultative in nature. There is a need for immediate contribution on both sides. However, the right match should result in long term satisfaction for both organization and individual.

Pathfinder's consultants are experts in individual and organizational assessment.

When the time is spent correctly in the assessment process the likelihood of matching the right individual and organization is extremely high. We strive to create an atmosphere of trust so that all parties we work with truly believe we have their best interests at heart. All our members have many years of actual workplace experience before entering the recruiting world. Experience in upper-level executive management, and in some cases of working upwards from entry level or mid management positions, gives us a unique appreciation of the interaction experienced in most work environments, and skills and attitudes required to succeed.


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